Pure Mind, Pure World—Guided Purification Retreat

Purify your negative karma, experience a light, joyful mind and progress in your spiritual life.


Saturday, December 16

with Gen Kelsang Lhadron

Remove karmic potentials that give rise to painful experiences and are obstacles to attaining spiritual realizations. This reatreat includes prayer, meditation, and recitation of the mantra of Buddha Vajrasattva, the Buddha of purification.

Saturday (guided)
9-10am Session 1
10:30-11:30am Session 2
12-1pm Session 3
2:30-3:30pm Session 4

Friday/Sunday/Monday (self-guided, see calendar for session times)

Gen Kelsang Lhadron will guide all four sessions on Saturday. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the self-guided sessions on Friday, Sunday, and Monday as well.

$35 with preregistration, ($40 at the door, $5 for supporting members)
Includes a delicious vegetarian lunch in our world peace cafe. Everyone Welcome!