Tranquil Abiding Retreat

December 26–27, 2018 (Introduction, December 19)

Introduction (prerequisite)*

Wednesday, December 19, 6:30–8PM
with Gen Kelsang Ingchug

Go deeper with your meditation practice

In life we have so many distractions that it is rare to enjoy even a few moments of mental peace. Our ability to focus is challenged on a regular basis. By learning to train in concentration, we can keep a focused and peaceful mind even during our busiest days.

Learning to train Tranquil Abiding helps increase your concentration, both in and out of meditation. With this new found concentration, you will be able to significantly improve the quality and enjoyment of your meditation practice, develop a flexible and open mind, and accomplish your spiritual goals

*In order to take part in the retreat, all participants are required to attend the Introduction.

Silent Retreat

December 26 & 27

Learn how to abide in meditation without distraction

To experience stable realizations we need to attain Tranquil Abiding. Without this concentration our mind is unstable like a candle flame exposed to the wind. When our mind abides in a tranquil state it is free from distractions and we experience pure concentration.

SILENCE IS POWERFUL. Observing silence is a powerful method to disengage from the mental busyness of daily life, creating space in our mind and allowing us to experience deeper levels of meditation. Our heart begins to open and we feel the blessings of Buddhas transforming our mind into more stable realizations.

“When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and our mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arises from within.”
—Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

This is a silent retreat. In each session, we will begin with the Liberating Prayer, then there will be silence for 1 hour to allow you to engage in your own prayers and meditation, ending with concluding prayers.

$35, $10 for Introduction only, $5/session, free for TTP and Supporting Members

Retreat Schedule:

Wednesday, December 26
10–11am Session 1
11:30am–12:30pm Session 2
BYO Lunch
1:30–2:30pm Session 3
3–4pm Session 4

Thursday, December 27
10–11am Session 1
11:30am–12:30pm Session 2
BYO Lunch
1:30–2:30pm Session 3
3–4pm (Q&A)