Vajrasattva Great Preliminary Retreat

December 1–3 | Introduction—Saturday, 9–10:30AM

with Gen Kelsang Ingchug
Purify negative karma and experience a light, joyful mind

Buddha Vajrasattva is the embodiment of the completely pure mind of all the Buddhas. In this retreat, we are given a special opportunity to free our mind from the negativity of our past by receiving the purifying blessings of this radiant healing Buddha.

Using the prayers entitled Meditation and Recitation of Solitary Vajrasattva (within Offering to the Spiritual Guide sadhana) we will focus on the four special ways to remove negative karma known as the “four opponent powers.” By doing this, we remove karmic potentials that not only give rise to painful experiences, but are obstacles to attaining spiritual realizations.

Saturday morning’s Introduction will be led by Gen Kelsang Ingchug, Buddhist nun and Resident Teacher at KMC New Mexico. For the most benefit, please attend the Introduction, the only session of this 3-day retreat that will be guided. The remaining sessions will be self-guided. Everyone is welcome to attend any part of this retreat

$25/full retreat, $10/Introduction only, $3/per session, free to TTP and Supporting Members
BYO Lunch Saturday

Retreat Schedule

9–10:30AM Introduction
11AM–12:30PM Session 1
1:30–3PM Session 2

7:30–9AM Session 1
1:30–3PM Session 2
3:30–5PM Session 3

7:30–9AM Session 1
9:30–11AM Session 2
11:30–1PM Session 3