Buddhist Psychology for Modern Living II | Sep 25–Oct 25

Tuesday Midday | 11:30am–12:45pm
Thursday Night | 6–7:30pm
$10/class, free for supporting members

A practical guide for developing a light and positive state of mind

Buddha taught many ways to live a life filled with joy and meaning. The teachings he gave over 2500 years ago still apply today. In Part II of this series we will continue exploring the true nature of our mind and how it works. In this way we can heal our mental pain and experience peace and joy.

Although it is beneficial to attend the entire series, you may drop in at any time. Suitable for all levels of experience. Everyone welcome!

Weekly Classes

Week 1: Practicing Mindfulness in Daily Life. Being in the Moment
Week 2: Developing Insight through Concentration and Wisdom
Week 3: The Psychology of Motivation: Believing in Virtue
Week 4: Becoming Less Attached, Less Angry and More Wise
Week 5: Making Progress On and Enjoying our Spiritual Path

About the Teacher

Gen Kelsang Ingchug is an American Buddhist nun who has been practicing the teachings of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for 16 years. Her sincere teachings are presented with humor and practical examples that make them accessible to everyone. Through her kindness and enthusiasm for meditation practice, she provides an inspiring example of a modern Buddhist practitioner for our society.


Classes are held at KMC NM, 142 Monroe Street NE, Albuquerque, NM. If you need more info or have questions, check out what to expect at a class or email [email protected]