February 19March 19

Los Lunas | Tuesday Night | 6:30–8pm

$10/class, FREE for supporting members

We all wish for happy and peaceful relationships in our lives. However, many of our closest relationships suffer from strife, misunderstanding, and unrealistic expectations. We love each other, and yet we are not always happy together. By understanding the real nature of love and learning practical ways to improve it, we can experience true love in all our relationships.

In this series, you will receive simple and practical advice about how to find meaning and enjoyment in all your relationships. By keeping this timeless advice in our hearts, we will learn to be happy in the company of our partner, family, friends, co-workers, and anyone we might encounter.

Although it is beneficial to attend the entire series, you may drop in at any time. These classes continue throughout the year, with each series focusing on a different topic. Each class is taught in a way that even if you haven't been to the previous classes in the series, you will learn something that you can apply in your daily life. 

Suitable for all levels of experience.

Everyone is Welcome!

Weekly Class Topics

Week 1: Wishing Love
Week 2: Transforming Relationships
Week 3: Expanding Our Personal Horizons
Week 4: Taking, the Sacred Secret
Week 5: Giving by Means of Love

Upcoming Series

Mar/Apr Fulfilling Our Wishes
Apr/May Fulfilling Our Wishes

About the teachers

Senior Kadampa teachers will be guiding each class, offering a variety of teaching styles. Our teachers are practitioners of Kadampa Buddhism with years of meditation experience and study in modern Kadampa Buddhism. With warmth and compassion, they present the various topics in this series with practical examples that are suitable for all levels of experience.