Preliminary Guide Retreat

Everyone is welcome to join in this annual Preliminary Guide retreat on the practice of going for refuge. This practice helps us find true happiness, frees us from problems, and is the foundation of the Buddhist path to enlightenment. Sessions are self-guided.

Each retreat session includes chanted prayers from “Essence of Good Fortune” to prepare the mind for meditation. There are two longer pauses for the following unguided meditations:
Meditation 1 is a 30-minute meditation on cultivating and deepening the mind of refuge.
Meditation 2 is a 15-minute meditation on a Lamrim object (see below).

Since the meditations are following the presentation in The Mirror of Dharma with Additions, you may find it helpful to bring that text with you or other Lamrim texts (ie The New Meditation Handbook, Joyful Path of Good Fortune) so that you can refer to them when necessary. These texts are available for purchase in the bookstore or can be purchased for downloading onto devices through Tharpa Publications .

$35/Full Retreat (BYO lunch)
$5/Session, free to TTP and Supporting Members

Retreat Schedule:

All sessions will be self-guided
9–10:15am Session 1 - Precious Human Life
11am–12:15pm Session 2 - Death and impermanence
12:15–3pm Lunch Break (BYO)
3-4:15 Session 3 - Karma
5–6:30pm Session 4 - Renunciation

12–1:15am Session 5 - Recognizing, Reducing and Abandoning Self Grasping Ignorance
3–4:15pm Session 6 - Determination to Practice the Three Higher Trainings
6–7:45pm Offering to the Spiritual Guide

9–10:15am Session 7 - Cherishing all Living Beings
11am–12:15pm Session 8 - Bodhichitta
12:15–3pm Lunch Break (BYO)
3-4:15pm  Session 9 - Training in Meditation on Emptiness
5–6:30pm Session 10 - Relying on our Spiritual Guide

**Available IN-PERSON**
142 Monroe St NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108