Being Clear in Uncertain Times

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Being Clear in Uncertain Times

The true path to lasting happiness

A wish to be happy is something we have in common with every living being. Another thing people seem to have in common is a sense that the world is moving in the wrong direction. This can cause us to feel fear, anxiety, disappointment, anger, or all of the above. The actions that come from these feelings will never cause suffering to cease.

With Buddhist Wisdom we can make sense of what is going on in the world, and with meditation we can create a clear path away from suffering.

Buddha taught a clear path away from suffering. Every experience has both inner and outer causes. Usually, we put all our energy into external change, however I problems never seem to decrease. The Buddhist approach is to eliminate the inner causes of suffering in our own mind. In this way we can attain real freedom and stable, lasting happiness.

In this retreat, you will hear the Buddhist perspective on how to deal with the problems we face in our world today in a way that we can maintain our inner peace. With a clear mind and a peaceful heart we will be best able to solve our problems and benefit our family and friends.

This mini meditation retreat is led by Rick Vinnay at KMC New Mexico. It is suitable for all levels of experience.


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Everyone Welcome!

In-person attendance will follow CDC safety procedures and must be followed by all attendees. Seating is limited and reservations are required. Please call Kerry Dalen at 505-280-3160.

Rick Vinnay is a Senior Kadampa Teacher that has been practicing modern Buddhism and meditation for many years. He teaches with humor, warmth, and practical examples making these teachings clear and accessible to everyone.

**This retreat will be taking place live, IN-PERSON and ONLINE**