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Stages of the Path

with Senior Kadampa Teachers

Guided retreat with 21 meditations to develop a peaceful mind

We all have the potential for self-transformation—a limitless capacity for the growth of good qualities but to fulfill this potential we need to know what to do at every stage of our spiritual journey.

In this meditation retreat, you will receive step-by-step guidance on the meditation practices called ‘Kadam Lamrim’, the condensation of all Buddha’s teachings. When practiced regularly, these meditations will lead us to lasting inner peace and happiness.

You do not need any former experience to attend and enjoy. Every time we engage in meditation, we develop the cause to experience peace of mind in the future. So whether you know very little about meditation and Kadam Lamrim, or if you have been applying these practices for some time, you will receive benefits.

Each session is led by Senior Kadampa Teachers and includes a teaching and guided meditation. We will be using Prayers for Meditation sadhana. Meditations will be from How to Understand the Mind. Both can be purchased through our bookstore. Please contact our Treasurer, Brian Worthen, for details: 505-999-8656.

Find out more about the book, How to Understand the Mind, at

Suitable for all levels of experience.

Lamrim is a special set of instructions that includes all the essential teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni arranged in such a way that all his Hinayana and Mahayana teachings can be put into practice in a single meditation session. It was compiled by the great Indian Buddhist Master Atisha, who was invited to Tibet by King Jangchub Ö in AD 1042, and who spent the rest of his life there spreading pure Dharma.

His followers are known as ‘Kadampas’. ‘Ka’ refers to Buddha’s teachings, and ‘dam’ to Atisha’s special Lamrim instructions known as ‘the stages of the path to enlightenment’. Kadampas, then, are practitioners who regard Buddha’s teachings as personal instructions and put them into practice by following the instructions of Lamrim.

The Kadampa tradition was later promoted widely in Tibet by Je Tsongkhapa and his followers, who were known as the ‘New Kadampas’.

Today, there is a completely pure and unbroken lineage of these Lamrim instructions from Buddha Shakyamuni up to our present-day Spiritual Guides. Many great Kadampa Teachers have said that it is far more important to gain experience of Lamrim than it is to attain clairvoyance, miracle powers, or high social status. If we gain deep experience of Lamrim there will be no basis for problems; we shall be completely free of all of them.

Once we understand the value of Lamrim, we will joyfully and patiently engage in the meditations and gradually experience the fruits of Lamrim practice. Eventually, we shall attain freedom from all suffering and the unchanging peace and happiness of enlightenment.