Love, Relationships & Loneliness

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Love, Relationships & Loneliness

Living in harmony with others

Our relationships with others are a big part of our life and often the most difficult to navigate. Some days our family and friends can feel like the source of our happiness, while other days we experience anger, jealousy, or discontentment. Sometimes we can feel disconnected or alone even when surrounded by others. Buddha taught that in order to enjoy good relationships, it is essential that we learn to distinguish between true love and desirous attachment—two states of mind that are easily confused.

Attachment gives rise to sufferings such as loneliness, jealousy, and conflict; whereas true love is a peaceful mind that only gives rise to joy and harmony. Because love is such a virtuous mind, it is known as the ‘great protector’ as it protects our mind from negativity. When we truly love others, it is impossible to feel even the slightest suffering.

In this meditation retreat, learn how to distinguish between the mind of attachment and the mind of love. Through this, you can free yourself from painful states of mind and begin to abide in peace. Enjoy harmonious relationships that bring joy and balance into your life.

This mini meditation retreat is led by Rick Vinnay, Senior Kadampa Teacher at KMC New Mexico. It is suitable for all levels of experience.


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Rick Vinnay is a Senior Kadampa Teacher that has been practicing modern Buddhism and meditation for many years. He teaches with humor, warmth, and practical examples making these teachings clear and accessible to everyone.

**This retreat is available ON-DEMAND**