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Tuesdays Midday | 11:30AM–12:45PM / In-Person & Online

January 4 - February 1

Balancing Our Mind & Emotions

Using Our Mind to Our Advantage

After the roller coaster of the last couple of years, we can probably all use some inner balance and a fresh perspective. We need wisdom and meditation. Good mental health comes from positive states of mind, and meditation has great power to improve our mental health. Buddha’s wisdom helps us see solutions and opportunities that can’t appear to an exhausted, overwhelmed, or stuck mind.

Our mind is ever changing, but we don’t know how to use its changeable nature to our advantage. We tend to feel like a balloon in the wind, being blown by the various circumstances we encounter — sometimes up, sometimes down. It seems that we have no choice in how we feel, and are powerless to control or transform our emotions. But we do, and we can. Join us each week for a mental tune-up!


Each class includes guided meditations, teaching, and time for Q&A (not available for online-only classes). A brief introduction of the topic will be presented followed by a guided meditation to settle the mind, the main teaching, and a closing guided meditation.

The main teaching will cover the class topic. It includes an explanation of Buddhist practices and methods to apply them to your daily life through meditation, contemplation, and effort. Reference to particular pages in books may be offered. It is not necessary to have the coursebook in order to benefit, but you may find it helpful. Further reading is always encouraged.

Each teaching ends with another guided meditation specifically to help students take the teaching to heart and be able to begin to practice on their own what they’ve learned in class.

Classes will be posted weekly throughout the course and will remain available for viewing for the length of the series. This course is suitable for all levels of experience.

Although it is beneficial to attend the entire series, you may drop in at any time. Classes are held weekly. Suitable for all levels of experience.

Meaningful to Behold Many people have the compassionate wish to benefit others, but few understand how to accomplish this successfully in daily life. Bodhisattvas are friends of the world who have such strong compassion that they are able to transform all their daily activities into ways of benefiting others. The path of the Bodhisattva was exquisitely explained in the universally loved poem Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life by the 8th century master Shantideva. With this commentary, the full effectiveness and profundity of this wonderful poem are revealed in full and made applicable for our time. This practical handbook is essential for those wishing to follow a way of life characterized by greater empathy and compassion for others.

Meaningful to Behold can be purchased from our bookstore. Please contact our Treasurer, Brian Worthen, for details: 505-999-8656. It can also be purchased online at Tharpa.com.

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Everyone Welcome!

Upcoming Series:

Learning to be Content (Feb/Mar 2022)

About the Teacher

Gen Kelsang Chokyan

Gen Kelsang Chokyan is an American Buddhist monk. He has been practicing meditation and modern Buddhism for 16 years and is a great example of how to practice Kadampa Buddhism in the modern world. His sincere teachings are presented with humor and warmth, showing us how to find peace and happiness in our daily lives.


**This class is available IN-PERSON and ONLINE**
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