Quick Path to Ultimate Happiness

Weekly Meditation Classes in Rio Rancho

March 30—April 27

Tuesday Nights | 6:00PM–7:15PM

Quick Path to Ultimate Happiness

Using imagination to deepen our experience of meditation

All living beings share an essential wish to be happy, but we can see that any happiness we experience in this life is only temporary and will eventually give way to suffering. What we need is permanent happiness—the ultimate happiness of enlightenment.

In his Tantric teachings, Buddha reveals his ultimate intention, introducing us to a new world of meditation that is the quick path to enlightenment. Buddha's Tantric instructions explain how we can use our imagination as a powerful tool in our spiritual practice to accomplish the real meaning of our human life.

In particular, Buddha's teachings on Mahamudra Tantra provide a practical manual for gaining deep experience of meditation and discovering the peace and happiness that lie within.

In this weekly meditation series, experience the deep inner peace of profound meditations on Mahamudra Tantra. Through learning to use "correct imagination" in your spiritual practice, you will discover the quick path to enlightenment and come to understand the true meaning of happiness.


Each class includes guided meditations, teaching, and time for Q&A (not available for online-only classes). A brief introduction of the topic will be presented followed by a guided meditation to settle the mind, the main teaching, and a closing guided meditation.

The main teaching will cover the class topic. It includes an explanation of Buddhist practices and methods to apply them to your daily life through meditation, contemplation, and effort. Reference to particular pages in books may be offered. It is not necessary to have the coursebook in order to benefit, but you may find it helpful. Further reading is always encouraged.

Each teaching ends with another guided meditation specifically to help students take the teaching to heart and be able to begin to practice on their own what they’ve learned in class.

Classes will be posted weekly throughout the course and will remain available for viewing until the next series begins. This course is suitable for all levels of experience.

Although it is beneficial to attend the entire series, you may drop in at any time. Classes are held weekly. Suitable for all levels of experience.

Upcoming Series:

The Purpose of Faith (May/Jun)

Mahamudra Tantra is a clear and simple manual for practicing Mahamudra Tantra—the quick and profound method for uncovering the deepest levels of peace and happiness within our own mind.

Mahamudra is the union of the most subtle mind that experiences great bliss and realizes ultimate truth—the way things actually exist. From his practical experience, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso explains how to prepare our mind for Mahamudra meditation, how to remove obstacles to successful practice, and how we can experience progressively subtler states of mind. By explaining how to uncover and purify the deepest level of our mind and to use this very subtle blissful mind to meditate on ultimate truth, he shows how we can destroy all our negative minds at their very root and quickly reach the state of full enlightenment.

Mahamudra Tantra can be purchased from our bookstore. Please contact our Treasurer, Brian Worthen, for details: 505-999-8656. It can also be purchased online at Tharpa.com.


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About the Teacher

David Craft, Meditation Teacher in AlbuquerqueDavid Craft is a Senior Kadampa Teacher that has been practicing modern Buddhism and meditation for many years. He presents practical examples with warmth and sincerity, making these teachings accessible to everyone.


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