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Meditation Courses & Series

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Finding Common Ground | 5-Week Course

Healing the divide between us

In this meditation series, we will learn how we can adopt the mind that sees ourself and others as equal, cherishing others as much as we cherish ourself. By developing this rare and powerful mind, we can experience harmony in all our relationships—from our family, friends, and neighbors, to our community and the world.

Healing Anxiety | 5-Week Course

Developing a light and positive mind

Anxiety is a feeling that is coming from within our mind. But what is causing this feeling? How can we control our mind if we don’t understand what it is? By understanding our mind, we can begin to train in developing and maintaining a light, positive mind and thereby overcome feelings of anxiety, worry, and stress.

Buddhist Way of Life  | 5-Week Course

Buddhist way of peace and loving kindness

This series introduces the mind, as distinct from the brain, and invites the listener to explore and develop their mind using scientific methods taught by Buddha. It shows how the problems we encounter in life do not exist outside of ourself, but are part of our mind that experiences unpleasant feeling.

Healing Family Ties | 5-Week Course

Letting go of resentment

Learn how to use Buddha’s advice to heal some old wounds in our hearts and derive great joy and benefit from our experience with our family.

Special Courses

These courses are FREE for TTP and Supporting Members.
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Living Meditation Series | 3 Guided Meditation Courses

Simple guided meditations that can be practiced by anyone

These simple guided meditations can be practiced by anyone. With regular practice, these meditations help us to experience mental clarity and inner peace; develop greater peace of mind and happiness; improve our relationships with others through learning to cherish others; and help to relax both body and mind to lead to a deep experience of inner peace.

Intro to Tantra | 1/2-Day Course

Transform your world and your experiences

Although the idea of Tantra is very popular these days, many people misunderstand its real meaning and it is often misused. In Buddhism, Tantra is very special practice that harnesses the power of our imagination and the power of Buddha’s blessings to quickly lead us to a state of permanent peace and happiness.

Resilience & Transformation | 1-Day Course

Remaining calm through it all

What is it you truly wish for? A happy life? A meaningful life? Profound inner peace? Freedom from suffering? Or the power to change your reality? Every problem we experience can be a doorway to accomplishing these life goals. Suffering on its own has no real meaning, but if we apply spiritual teachings we can experience resilience and transformation.

Keep Hope Alive | Special Talk

The joy of renunciation

In the current situation of pandemic and looming economic crisis, how can we keep a positive outlook and also be realistic? Buddha’s teachings empower us with a strong purpose and an enduring hope that is based on a profound understanding of reality. Discover the inner freedom that comes when we fully accept the world as it is and experience the joyful mind of renunciation that opens the door to liberation.

Statue Filling | Workshop

Fill your heart with joy

When you see Buddha statues on shrines or in temples, there is a lot you don’t see. Designed with a hollow interior, all Buddha statues should be filled in a qualified way before being placed on a shrine. It is said that filling statues create the causes to be filled with inner realizations of compassion and wisdom.

Felicidad, ¡hecha en casa! | Special Talk en español

Experimente una mente tranquila todo el tiempo

En esta charla especial, aprenda métodos para establecer la felicidad interior controlando su mente. A través de la práctica regular, podemos darnos cuenta de esta verdadera fuente de felicidad y comenzar a experimentar más alegría y paz en nuestra vida diaria, sin importar lo que surja.

Love, Relationships & Loneliness | 1/2-Day Course

Living in harmony with others

In this retreat, learn how to distinguish between the mind of attachment and the mind of love. Through this, you can free yourself from painful states of mind and begin to abide in peace. Enjoy harmonious relationships that bring joy and balance into your life.

Reflections on Karma | Special Talk

In this special talk, learn how to protect yourself from future suffering and begin to pave the path to future happiness. Whether you are new to meditation or have experience already, everyone can benefit from this spiritual knowledge

Your Potential for Peace | Special Talk

We each have the potential for unlimited happiness. This potential can be accessed and cultivated through the transformative practice of meditation.

Meditation is a practical tool we can use to find deep happiness and joy. By cultivating happiness within we will have happiness to give, therefore finding your joy is not selfish. Give yourself the permission to be truly happy.


These retreats are FREE for TTP and Supporting Members.
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Guru Yoga & Mandala Offerings | 3-Day Retreat

Introduction followed by self-guided retreat with 12 sessions for creating merit, receiving blessings, and fulfilling spiritual wishes

In this retreat, we will focus on the preliminary practices of accumulating merit, or positive energy, by making mandala offerings and receiving blessings by engaging in Guru Yoga practice—the very special practice that enables us to strengthen our connection with our Spiritual Guide. In this way, we can realize our deepest wish to experience lasting happiness.

Lamrim 7-Day Retreat - Stages of the Path

Introduction followed by self-guided retreat with 21 sessions for self transformation

This retreat offers step-by-step guidance on the meditation practices called Kadam Lamrim, the condensation of all Buddha’s teachings. When practiced regularly, these meditations will lead us to lasting inner peace and happiness.