Love is peaceful

Love is peacefulThe mind of love is in the nature of inner peace. Because it is only concerned with benefiting others, it is a selfless and contented mind. Thus, regardless of our external situation, if our mind is filled with love then we are peaceful and happy. We already experience love for our family and our friends. Typically, this love is partially mixed with attachment and we may confuse the problems we experience with our friends and family as coming from our love for them. However, it is our attachment for them to behave a certain way or achieve certain things that causes our problems. If we love our friends and family selflessly–wishing them to experience happiness without additional conditions–then love will never bring us problems. If we then extend our selfless love to all living beings, then our happiness will only increase until we are happy all the time.

Meditating on Love

Love is realistic

We may find it difficult to start loving others selflessly right away. However, if we contemplate the points above and try to bring them into our daily life, then we can progressively improve our love for our family, friends, and eventually all living beings. A very effective way to do this is to meditate on how much others benefit us and how much benefit love brings into our life. We can then hold this understanding throughout our day and let it transform our relationships.